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Don’t waste time and money on treating the symptoms. We focus on the cause. There are more possibilities than you might realize.

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Because of the personal coaching, I finally found a structural solution to my injury after 2 years.

Linde de Wit


What’s in it for you?


Clear diagnosis within the first treatment

Prolonged pain often has more than a single cause. Through various tests we will identify the reason behind your pain or aches.


Rapid Improvement

Even if you have been experiencing pain for years, you will most likely feel pain relief after the first treatment. Your body strength will improve immediately and often you will be freer in your movements.


Lasting result

Not only is it important to eliminate the pain and discomfort, we also want to ensure that we prevent those from returning. By focussing on training in addition to treatment, you will learn and understand how to keep your body strong and fit.

What makes this method so successful?

By using the latest test and treatment techniques there might be more possible than you think:


Prolonged pain often has more than a single cause. Through various tests we will identify the reason behind your pain or aches.


Based on the test results, we will provide insight into the solution to the problem. And how to carry out this solution as efficiently as possible. The treatments will instantly improve your pain complaints.

Monitoring (retest)

By retaking the tests you will feel the improvement of your strength and/or mobility right away. Often, the movements that initially caused pain are completely pain-free within the first treatment.

In addition, you can count on the following benefits:

Safe environment

All rooms at Physicum have a continuous supply of fresh air and are therefore optimally ventilated. Every 6 minutes the air in the treatment rooms is entirely replaced by fresh air.

Extended opening hours

On weekdays we are open from 7.30 a.m. to 9.30 p.m. and on weekends from 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. This way we always find time in your busy schedule.

Personal trainers

All our physiotherapists are personal trainers as well. Not only are they specialized in treating injuries or pain complaints, but also in how to train your body for permanent results.

Skilled therapists

Our physiotherapists receive additional training on a monthly basis . This way, they can guide you on a high level towards a pain-free body and an outstanding physical condition.

Dare to be different

We choose to work in a different (broader) way than you might be used to when it comes to physiotherapy. Firstly, all our treatments last an hour. On top of that we want to prevent wasting 30% of your time through obligatory administration. For this reason we haven’t joined any health insurance company. This means that you pay the invoice yourself and subsequently present this invoice to your health insurance company. Depending on the company and the type of policy you have, you will get an (big) amount reimbursed.


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I came to Physicum with severe pain in my knee and was hoping for some guidance to resolve this. Trainer Dave exceeded my expectations! He is a very professional yet personal guy. He helped me understand the cause of the problem and made a plan to solve it. The pain has decreased tremendously and during the training, we had a good laugh! The communication with Physicum is professional- quick and direct. I will definitely come back when I need personal training or physiotherapy. Thanks guys!

Rogier Vriezen

After walking around with terrible knee pain for over a year, I ended up at Physicum. Good identification of my problem, once every two weeks a session of almost an hour with Jorick, and the pain has decreased significantly after three months. Yesterday I noticed in the mirror that there is a six-pack appearing on my belly. Even though that is not what I came for, it´s still a great bonus.


The proposed solution worked.

Daniel Brender ã Brandis

Excellent personal training from very well-trained staff with eagle eyes! You will be provided with a tailor-made program with which you get taught the most optimal/efficient course of movement under fun circumstances with super good facilities! Both the pt-workouts as well as the physio treatments, with Marielle´s dry needling treatments, for example, are highly recommended. Marielle, thank you! :-)

Pieter Snijder

An excellent investment in your health and well-being. Here you get expert attention and guidance from the coaches and physical therapists - each of whom is very good at their job. The ambiance is supportive, challenging, and enjoyable. The approach is holistic - you also get advice on nutrition, sleep, and other aspects of your health and fitness - and it all makes sense and can really help you get better and feel good.

Annette Freyberg-Inan

After suffering from severe neck pain I went to a physical therapist who said that I had some kind of neck hernia. That it could take up to 3 months before it would be over. My daughter then said that I should go to Sylvester. I did so, and after 3 treatments just complaint-free and I can move my neck as usual. Unbelievable. I recommend Physicum to everyone!


Whether you want to get fit(ter) or are struggling with an injury, at Physicum they can help you. In the past, I followed an eight-week Personal Training Programme and have recently been treated for a (sports) injury. Both processes rolled by above expectation!

Rodney Ijlstra

Had a great experience. Before I went, I had months of persistent knee pain and after one treatment the pain disappeared. Sylvester was very helpful and professional. Recommend a treatment here!

Marjorie Baker

Physicum is the ideal place for Personal Training. The trainers are one by one very skilled and moreover nice people. The combination of PT and physio makes it unique and ensures that intervention can immediately take place in case of injuries. The area is clean and beautiful, and all necessary equipment is present. Physicum is absolutely highly recommended for everyone!

Joost Harmsen

I was suffering from wrist pain because of the many typing I do, especially in my right hand. Sylvester helped me immediately and I have since then (now more than two years ago) no longer had any problems, not in my daily life and neither with typing. Definitely recommended!

Sanne C

To begin with, what they promise becomes true: pain in the lower back was gone within a month, much fitter, lost 4kg, gained 1kg of muscle. Nice combination of strength- and muscle development with a sophisticated new nutritional approach. Good trainers, careful (tailored to the athlete) guidance. Facilities fine, compact and high-level. You won’t understand why not everybody above 50 is doing this. The approach is aimed at being fit for the rest of your life! If you want to stay healthy and fit: Physicum. And they are nice too! Thanks, boys!

Ton de Langen

I have been walking around with problems in my lower back for a couple of years. For this reason, I have visited several physiotherapists but they didn´t offer me the desired result. To my great surprise, at Physicum 1 treatment was enough for me to be able to do sports again without complaints. Thanks to the relaxed ambiance and the sublime professionality, I would come back here whenever that is needed.

Gijs-Jan Poelgeest

This is a very nice place to train. After my pregnancy, I trained with Marielle for about 8 months, and I am now in better shape than I have ever been. I have more confidence in my body, I feel strong, and have less trouble with my shoulders. Marielle clearly knows what she is doing and can be exactly strict enough to push you through. Highly recommended, if you ask me.

Isabel Keijer

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