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Whether you are self-employed or have 100 employees working for you; we guide entrepreneurs towards a healthier company.

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About a year ago I was not feeling very well. I decided to start the coaching program at Physicum to make myself fitter and this way invest in my business. I feel more energetic, sleep better and have made huge steps forward in my business. An additional advantage: it's also fiscally beneficial for me!



What will you gain?


Lower staff absenteeism

Absenteeism is demonstrably lower when you, as an employer, invest in the health of your employees. Employees who exercise are generally healthier short term, but also on the long run. Think of reduced risk of injuries or chronic diseases and improving their mood. Employees perform better when they feel good.


Pressure Resistance

Anyone who wants to perform well must be able to handle pressure well. By promoting exercise as an employer, you make your team more mentally resilient. The physical and mental capacity of the employees will increase. Also stress resistance increases. As a result, decisions can be taken in a more efficient and effective way. Creativity improves significantly. Your team is more resilient towards changes and challenges within the company.


Team building

Exercise is a powerful method to strengthen mutual ties between the members of a team. Happy, healthy and relaxed employees are more energetic and motivated and often more satisfied with their job. Not only does employee satisfaction increase, but the team spirit also improves measurably. Team building is growing due to the emergence of competition. Employees sacrifice more for each other as they share more activities outside of work. As a result, more can be achieved as a team.

What makes this method successful?

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Kick off

What is the fastest way to experience more energy and a fitter mind and body? We will address this question during the kick-off. Together we determine where we start: improving your sleeping pattern, the diet or will we be focusing on methods that will cut down your stress level.

Customized training

Your experience with exercising, your current physical condition and, possibly, (old) injuries form the basis for the training program. Fully personalised and tailor-made.
You get stronger every workout. Your stamina increases. This leads to more self-assurance and confidence in your body.


At the beginning of the programme you will receive our manual containing seven pillars that will lead you to optimal health. By constantly adjusting small components, we ensure that you adapt a healthier lifestyle. Step by step and in an easy-to-learn way.

Both your coach(es) and our online lifestyle expert will monitor your progress weekly.

Daarnaast kun je ook rekenen op de volgende voordelen:

Professional Coaching

We work with specialized coaches and psychosocial therapists to provide optimal guidance in breaking personal patterns, behavioral change, weight loss, and hormonal balance.

Certified trainers

Our experienced and certified physiotherapists, personal trainers, and coaches undergo regular training updates. This ensures they can consistently guide you to mental and physical peak condition at a high level.

Private Setting

You always train one-on-one, under personal guidance, in our luxurious private gym. This allows us to provide you with the space and attention you deserve. The spacious changing rooms are also private and equipped with clean towels.


It is crucial to us that you achieve your goals with pleasure. We prioritize a friendly, informal atmosphere, ensuring that hard work and enjoyment go hand in hand.

Extended opening hours

During weekdays, we are open from 7:30 am to 9:30 pm, and on weekends from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. This flexibility allows us to find a suitable time that aligns with your schedule.

Secure Atmosphere

We implemented an advanced air renewal, cooling, and heating system in 2021. This cutting-edge system ensures a complete refresh of the air every 20 minutes, providing an experience akin to training outdoors!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Do you adhere fully to our program you don’t feel and look fitter after three months? Then you get your investment back.


What customers say
about us

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The enthusiastic trainers, the open ambiance, and the beautiful location: everything together makes Physicum a very nice place to work on your (weight loss/fitness) goals in an effective way. Through professional and, above all, fun guidance I feel good in my own skin. I now know how to maintain good nutrition in a way that is most suitable for my body. I have more energy than ever before! Therefore, I sure recommend Physicum!

Jamie Meijer

For 2 years I have been training at Physicum. Their excellent trainers work with a great sense of humour and high expertise. The coaching is really personal - both athletically and lifestyle-wise as mental strength. You´ll get more fit in every possible way. Life is better because of Physicum.

Maarten Luijten

I came to Physicum with severe pain in my knee and was hoping for some guidance to resolve this. Trainer Dave exceeded my expectations! He is a very professional yet personal guy. He helped me understand the cause of the problem and made a plan to solve it. The pain has decreased tremendously and during the training, we had a good laugh! The communication with Physicum is professional- quick and direct. I will definitely come back when I need personal training or physiotherapy. Thanks guys!

Rogier Vriezen

I have been training at Physicum for a number of years now. It’s a top-notch place. The location is beautiful, the equipment is professional and the trainers are great. They are competent, constantly making me push my limits and, not unimportantly, they have a sense of humour that makes it “gezellig”. I highly recommend this personal training studio. They help me stay in shape, to say the least!

Eric Warmerdam

Under good supervision of personal trainer Jorick I achieved my target weight in five months, lost 14kg, and ended up with greatly improved fitness. Set your goal and make good and quick progress with professional guidance. The workouts are diverse and constantly challenging, and customized to your personal situation. In addition, the advice on nutrition is balanced and easy to follow up on. If you really want it, Physicum will help you achieve your goal.

Gert Huizing

Wonderful workouts, and within 4 months I had my goals met. Pleasant team, lots of knowledge, engaged and committed, and motivating. Thank you all, I would consider it a pleasure to come back again!

Uschi BB

After walking around with terrible knee pain for over a year, I ended up at Physicum. Good identification of my problem, once every two weeks a session of almost an hour with Jorick, and the pain has decreased significantly after three months. Yesterday I noticed in the mirror that there is a six-pack appearing on my belly. Even though that is not what I came for, it´s still a great bonus.


Thanks to the guidance of Sylvester and the personal trainers I have achieved my goals in a very short time. Extremely satisfied with the results I achieved. Without their professional help, I could have never done that so quickly . In addition, Physicum has a very sociable team and the ambiance is excellent. Recommend this to everyone who wants to get fit in a short time, and also wants to maintain it.

Jaco van den hoven

Very professional and pleasant gym. Personal Training at its finest!

Marrien Boers

The proposed solution worked.

Daniel Brender ã Brandis

Excellent personal training from very well-trained staff with eagle eyes! You will be provided with a tailor-made program with which you get taught the most optimal/efficient course of movement under fun circumstances with super good facilities! Both the pt-workouts as well as the physio treatments, with Marielle´s dry needling treatments, for example, are highly recommended. Marielle, thank you! :-)

Pieter Snijder

A gorgeous gym in Amsterdam, started training here half a year ago. And I feel much fitter since then, have lost quite some kilos and I know a lot more about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The ambiance is always very nice and cozy, I always train with Manouk. And the balance between seriously training and having a laugh is superb. In short, really recommended to everybody who thinks they should start to live healthier. That is not only doing exercise, but also nutrition and your mindset.

Michael van der Windt

An excellent investment in your health and well-being. Here you get expert attention and guidance from the coaches and physical therapists - each of whom is very good at their job. The ambiance is supportive, challenging, and enjoyable. The approach is holistic - you also get advice on nutrition, sleep, and other aspects of your health and fitness - and it all makes sense and can really help you get better and feel good.

Annette Freyberg-Inan

After suffering from severe neck pain I went to a physical therapist who said that I had some kind of neck hernia. That it could take up to 3 months before it would be over. My daughter then said that I should go to Sylvester. I did so, and after 3 treatments just complaint-free and I can move my neck as usual. Unbelievable. I recommend Physicum to everyone!


Whether you want to get fit(ter) or are struggling with an injury, at Physicum they can help you. In the past, I followed an eight-week Personal Training Programme and have recently been treated for a (sports) injury. Both processes rolled by above expectation!

Rodney Ijlstra

Wonderful gym, great guidance.

Robi Meijer

Super pleasant trainers with a lot of knowledge. You will be guided tremendously, and even after 1,5 years they know how to challenge me every week to reach my goals. I would recommend Physicum to everybody!

Sjuul Brummans

Had a great experience. Before I went, I had months of persistent knee pain and after one treatment the pain disappeared. Sylvester was very helpful and professional. Recommend a treatment here!

Marjorie Baker

Physicum is the ideal place for Personal Training. The trainers are one by one very skilled and moreover nice people. The combination of PT and physio makes it unique and ensures that intervention can immediately take place in case of injuries. The area is clean and beautiful, and all necessary equipment is present. Physicum is absolutely highly recommended for everyone!

Joost Harmsen

I was suffering from wrist pain because of the many typing I do, especially in my right hand. Sylvester helped me immediately and I have since then (now more than two years ago) no longer had any problems, not in my daily life and neither with typing. Definitely recommended!

Sanne C

To begin with, what they promise becomes true: pain in the lower back was gone within a month, much fitter, lost 4kg, gained 1kg of muscle. Nice combination of strength- and muscle development with a sophisticated new nutritional approach. Good trainers, careful (tailored to the athlete) guidance. Facilities fine, compact and high-level. You won’t understand why not everybody above 50 is doing this. The approach is aimed at being fit for the rest of your life! If you want to stay healthy and fit: Physicum. And they are nice too! Thanks, boys!

Ton de Langen

I am training already some months with Marielle. In the beginning, I addressed my goals, and what I wanted to work on. Based on that, a number of exercises were designed, which lets me make progress on a weekly basis. The progression is clearly visible and I feel that I have become stronger in areas that I benefit from outside the gym as well. Also, the moments of evaluation are good, because a number of objective measurements are done periodically. In that way, we can see how the body is changing. I am very positive about the framework Physicum specializes in and the training with Marielle.

Balthasar Schopman

Thomas van Bakel spent a year training me 2 times a week. Before that, I was swimming and running for years, but I didn´t feel like it anymore. Thomas introduced me to strength training with great expertise, lots of patience, and insight. I have become much more stronger and muscular. Now I train by myself at least three times a week. That is going fine, but besides the guidance, I also miss the social aspect now that I am training independently again.

Serge Markx

I have been walking around with problems in my lower back for a couple of years. For this reason, I have visited several physiotherapists but they didn´t offer me the desired result. To my great surprise, at Physicum 1 treatment was enough for me to be able to do sports again without complaints. Thanks to the relaxed ambiance and the sublime professionality, I would come back here whenever that is needed.

Gijs-Jan Poelgeest

This is a very nice place to train. After my pregnancy, I trained with Marielle for about 8 months, and I am now in better shape than I have ever been. I have more confidence in my body, I feel strong, and have less trouble with my shoulders. Marielle clearly knows what she is doing and can be exactly strict enough to push you through. Highly recommended, if you ask me.

Isabel Keijer

Beautiful space, everything is perfectly arranged. I have trained elsewhere but Thomas makes Personal Training really personal. No standard rounds, but each and every time responding to your condition and ability. And he also a very nice guy. Absolutely highly recommended!!

Pieter Mulder

Pleasant personal training from a trainer that also goes to any length himself in order to let you achieve your goal. A true recommendation for anybody who wants to be fit and feel good in their own body. Thanks a lot Physicum, toppers!

Moiko Schraa

Really a great place for personal training. Previously had a personal trainer somewhere else but never had the feeling that I was actually being pushed to get the best out of myself. That is definitely the case here.

Youri Moll

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